Located in Toronto, Ontario. However, many of my clients are in the USA and even as far as Great Britain.

Since 2006, I have provided my professional Graphic Designer services to individuals and businesses alike. I create the tools needed to stand out in a crowded market, giving my clients a creative and professional boost.
I have a Monthly Maintenance Plan (Virtual Assistant) available for those who do not have the time (or the “desire”) to keep their Social Media up to date and relevant


I am so glad you found me and I would be thrilled to discuss your online requirements. I can guide you through all of the intricate details with ease and you can relax while I put everything together for you. I will include you in every decision and this will end up being completely YOUR BRAND and you will happily show it off with pride!

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My Story

I founded Designz by Carole in 2006 to provide a productive outlet for my artistic cravings. I created my first Beer Label when I was aged 10 and have been hooked on design ever since. I worked on many restaurant menus which was a lot of fun, designed a motel sign in Palm Springs in a very Retro style and then, for some reason, I stopped designing. Over the past 5 years I have found my passion again and have been designing and creating logos and Social Media Graphics and I LOVE IT!

I try to stay at the forefront of all the latest trends so that I can provide my clients with modern & stylish products. My own personal style is Romantic with a touch of Sass, but I will work with whatever the client "sees" as their vision.

From the initial strategy to the final outcome — I offer guidance and support throughout the whole process. My clients have all told me that they feel that they were part of the design process... as it should be! It is, after all, their Brand, not mine!

One of my favourite things is creating a Brand for a Client. A "Brand" is what makes people think of you when they see a certain font, symbol, colour. Think of Pepsi or Coca Cola, McDonalds... if you see those arches (letter M) don't you immediately think of McDonalds?


I would love the opportunity to help you with your branding.

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