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Designz by Carole offers complete graphic design services and helps you create business materials that reflect your brand. From logos and websites to promo materials, we will create customized packages that capture the heart and soul of your message.

At Designz by Carole, we create stylish and professional designs that will leave a lasting impression on your customers and your business. Our services range from logo design, website design, and flyer design. We also offer a full suite of well-designed business and marketing materials which enhances a professional, organized business environment.


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Business Cards starting at $65

At Designz by Carole we specialize in crafting unique business cards that will make the best impression on your customers. We will help you create the perfect card for your business, ensuring your brand stands out from the rest.


Brochures & Flyers starting at $99

At Designz by Carole we specialize in creating effective trade show materials to give your company the exposure it needs. We create eye-catching designs and layouts that are sure to attract the attention of your target audience. Our team of expert graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect designs that will make your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression. With our help, you can make the most out of your next trade show.

At Designz by Carole, we offer professional brochure design services to create unique and eye-catching brochures for your business. We understand the different fold types and how to use them to your advantage - every fold type has its advantages and constraints. When it comes to brochures the most commonly ordered types of brochures are single fold, tri fold and accordion fold. We will work with you to create a design that effectively communicates your message and stands out from the competition.

Single Fold Brochures

A single fold brochure is the most simple design you can go for. No fuss: this is a sheet folded in half to product two panels (or two sides) where you can display your information.

Tri Fold Brochures
A tri fold brochure consists of a sheet folded twice to create three panels that are equal size. Both side panels are folded over the center panel.

Accordion Fold Brochures
Accordion fold brochures are basically made by folding a sheet like an accordion. This type of brochure design is great if you need to display a lot of information on your pamphlet, flyer or brochure.


Trade Show & Booth Banners starting at $149

Can you capture your audience’s attention with simply a glance? Yes you can!


 With an unfailing commitment to quality, creativity and customer service, we provide the perfect combination for your business’s success.


Let us help you bring sharp imagery and bold content to make your business shine at your next tradeshow, exhibition or company event. We’re the one-stop-shop design partner for all your tradeshow needs, ensuring your display stand out and make a lasting impression.


Labels & Stickers starting at $65

Designz by Carole is your one-stop destination for custom graphic design, logos, and websites. Get labels and stickers designed with your own branding in the perfect size for whatever you need - from candles and cosmetic jars to food bottles - and we've got you covered.


Email Signature starting at $45

An email signature is important because it

  • Establishes legitimacy and professionalism, creating a cohesive image displayed throughout your company.

  • Provides branding opportunities, establishing and reinforcing who you are as a company.

  • Provides quick links to important information about a company.

  • Is an excellent equivalent to a business card in the digital world.

  • Is a way to represent your company and connect with customers to convey information about the business.


Social Media Covers (Header) starting at $75

Designz by Carole team specializes in creating stunning social media headers for your online presence. We will work with you to create a visually-appealing header that reflects your brand and stands out from the crowd. With our help, your social media profile will have a professional and eye-catching look that will attract potential customers and followers.

Our Social Media Header service will create a custom header image that is optimized for all social media platforms. This image will be designed to capture the attention of your target audience and create a lasting impression. The header image can be used to promote your product or service, enticing people to click further. A great use case would be to promote an upcoming webinar or demonstrate product features and benefits. 

Business cards
Brochures & Flyers
Single Fold Brochures
Tri Fold Brochures
Accordian Fold Brochures
Trade Show & Booth Banners
Labels and Stickers
Email signature
Social Media Covers
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